How to Get Ripped Abs: A Complete Plan

How to Get Ripped Abs

Most abdominal exercises can be uncomfortable, especially for persons with injuries of the lumbar spine. What most people do not realize is that you can exercise your abdominal muscles to walk as much as you can lay. But abdominal exercise requires hard work and consistency to get in shape.

For beginners, who do not have the strength and flexibility or agility, bending their body up and down the floor can be difficult and lead to injuries. Leg exercises are safer and more effective to strengthen the abs and exercise to lose belly fat. No doubt, you can use alternative exercises involving the hip flexors or arms to gain momentum. When starting the exercises for abdominal, these exercises can warm up your muscles and help to strengthen your core.

How to get ripped abs involves some proper workout. And some abs exercises are bit advanced and can combine with various movements for a greater range of muscle. So confuse the muscles and force them to do two things at the same time, the abs exercises can increase the muscle mass and shaping your abs, but works if done properly.

How to Get Flat Abs

With dozens of different abdominal machines available in the market, and hundreds of exercises out there to do, it is hard to know which to work. Perhaps give you the opportunity to work both your upper abdominal muscles and lower with the crunch motion.

The key to six-pack abs is to work the lower abs, without involving the full range of movement along the abdominal muscles. The exercise intensity may vary, and can be done with or without an exercise ball. This is an intermediate exercise, a little harder than the regular crunch and expert warns that abdominal exercise should not be done every day, as there are many exercises and people are fantasized to have ripped abs in weeks. Of course, getting ripped abs in just a few weeks is a tough task and requires complete dedication.

The Reverse Crunch

Similar to regular crunch, but a little different. With your back straight and arms folded over your chest, your knees are raised so that your thighs make a perpendicular angle to the body. With knees bent, legs should be pointing out as an extension of the body.

Put pressure on the lower abs while your knees bent and legs contractors put extra pressure on the lower abdominals. The grinding movement is the same as a normal grip, using abs to raise the upper half body to the leg, but tightening of the middle section, to make a more efficient workout. However, keep in mind that excessive stretching and tightening may cause pain in your joints.

The Double Crunch

The dual exercise starts laying on the floor, while keeping your legs straight and arms are moved to the sides of the head or folded across your chest.

How to Work Out Lower Abs

Performing a double crunch combines the characteristics of the regular reverse. While lying down, two things are made simultaneously: first, the upper body is lifted upward to the abdominal muscles for the lower body. Second, you bent knees and legs and raise to the upper half of the body. The two halves of the body put pressure on the abdominal muscles for both sides, and then release back into position lying flat. The process is then repeated, working the range of abs. This activity requires hard work, as double crunch is a tough exercise so far.

Abdominal Lateral

Lie on a bench with your back on the bench and keep your knees bent. To get into the starting position, let your knees fall to the right, or to the left while leading with the chin and left shoulder, begin to contract your abs and lift your left shoulder to the floor or the bench towards the left knee.

Then return to starting position. Repeat for the other side. It is important to keep the head and neck in a neutral position throughout the movement and your elbow does not have to touch the knee. This exercise is not recommended for people who are suffering from back pain, as exercise requires excessive stretching on left and right sides.

Want to Get Things Further?

It is important to say that to eliminate abdominal fat is not enough and you need a special diet to lose belly fat and moderate aerobic exercise. The most important is to avoid eating errors, which cause the body to store fat and make weight loss process more difficult. You can also rely on some useful exercises, which are quite effective to lose belly fat and help you get six packs.

flex beltNevertheless, nowadays people are using products like The Flex Belt to have ripped abs. Such products are better than spending hours in a gym and doing strenuous exercises. Especially, when you do not have enough time to call for a personal trainer at your home, or motivate yourself to start the abs exercise on your own.

The best way to strengthen your abdominal muscles is doing the popular exercises to use alternative ways along with a regular exercise. As explained in the article on losing belly and supporting your exercise program with an appropriate alternative.

No wonder, exercises do not cater specifically to eliminate fat from the abdominal area – serve to strengthen the abdominal muscles and have the appearance of washboard tummy. If you still have a lot to lose belly fat then you can use alternatives like The Flex Belt rather spend hours in the gym. Furthermore, you need to follow a plan that involves a more complete diet to slim down and deflate the belly, along with moderate exercise.

Rule of Thumb

Many people believe that excessive exercise can help them shape their abs in just a week, which is very wrong. Our Abs are just like other muscles, hence require the same care and attention, and to keep them in shape, proper rest and a balanced diet plan is necessary. Therefore, health and fitness experts recommend that you train your abs once a week and avoid tough exercises to avoid serious injuries.