Pure Forskolin Reviews


Forskolin is an herbal extract from a plant belonging to the mint family called Coleus forskohill. The plant is majorly used to support respiratory and heart health. Coleus forskohlii has been recently associated with diet pills and weight loss supplements.

Forskolin plays a key role in the production of the cyclic AMP which normally makes heart muscle to contract. Speculations about forskolin says that it may have effects in some cells of the body such as thyroid cells and platelets, that it may also prevent adhesions and platelet aggregation and that it might also prevent cancer metastasis and tumor growth. But so far that has not yet been proven because of lack of evidence that is clinically useful for such purposes.

According to a database called Natural Medicines Comprehensive it rates forskolin as being possibly effective’’ as medication for what is known as idiopathic congestive cardiomyophaty and also as powder for asthma. Apart from that it mentions that it can reduce intraocular pressure but this is yet to be tested in patients suffering from glaucoma.

Possibly safe’is actually the safety rating and lists interactions with herbs and supplements and also with the prescription drugs.If you want to purchase pure forskolin reviews here are three steps which are important to follow before you decide to purchase it.

These steps are:

* You should check and ensure that that the supplement of forskolin you want to purchase is manufactured in Canada, USA or Europe. This is because supplements which are coming from these countries are in most cases of higher quality due to the manufacturing regulations which are very strict.

* Second step it to ensure that the forskolin supplement is verified. This should be your best guarantee of higher quality

* The third step is to try to avoid those brands which claim to be Dr. Oz brand’’. This is because Dr. Oz does not endorse any brand. Dr.Oz only did a show in order to make the public to be aware of the power of this forskolin supplement.

Besides that you should not expect to use few dollars to buy forskolin supplement which is of higher quality. This is because the supplement is very expensive to manufacture hence it cannot be that cheap.

Some of the health benefits which are associated with forskolin supplement include:

Weight loss

It has been discovered that forskolin can treat obesity according to a report of obesity which was published in 2005. The study which was conducted involved 30 people who were overweight and were given forskolin for a period of 12 weeks. The results were very positive since those who received this supplement of pure forskolin reviews were in a position to lose some fat in their body.


Forskolin supplement is known to reduce asthma attacks. Based on a report which was published in a certain journal of International Medical Research those who took Forskolin showed less asthma attacks.

Eye drops

According to a study conducted it showed that Forskolin helped those who had issues of glaucoma. The scientific research is still insufficient but most believe that forskolin relieves pressure in the eyes of patients who are suffering with glaucoma.

Cardiovascular problems

According to few studies which have been done it shows that forskolin improves some of the heart functions. For those patients who are suffering from idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy then this kind of treatment is ideal for them.

Disadvantage of pure forskolin

Forskolin may elevate ones heart rate. The heart rate might increase to levels which are dangerous and one might start to experience rapid pulse, chest pains and loss of breath.


It is important to engage your physician before taking the supplement in case of any medical condition. This will work well for you if you consult physician about this supplement

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